Irish Political Status Committee Press Release

2 Janauary 2005

Republican prisoner John Connolly — serving 14 years imprisonment — is
being victimised by Maghaberry Prison administrators regarding his right
to Temporary Compassionate Release — to visit his seriously ill mother
in Co Fermanagh.

It is now well over a year since John was allowed out to visit his
mother. His application in November was turned down without explanation
but he is applying again for temporary release — which under prison
guidelines and regulations he is entitled to — but has been given to
understand already that his application will not be looked at

IPSC spokesperson Michael Holden said: "'This is blatant discrimination
by the prison administrators. Just over a year ago John was granted
temporary compassionate release to visit his mother without any problems
being encountered. However, when he applied again recently he was
refused without explanation. There's no rhyme nor reason why the prison
authorities behave so shamefully; recently John was denied a parcel sent
to him by a well-wisher in the USA, and mail sent to him goes missing
for weeks.''

The Irish Political Status Committee are now taking up John's case. A
letter has been sent already to the new Home Secretary Charles Clark
asking for a written explanation as to why John Connolly is being
discriminated against in this manner. The committee have also writen to
the Irish in Britain Representation Group (IBRG) and the Celtic League
outlining John's case and asking for their support. All this comes on
the heels of a physical attack on John Connolly some months ago — when
he was attacked and injured by a group of loyalist prisoners in

John can be written to at: Maghaberry Prison, Old Mill Rd. Ballinderry,
Lisburn, Co Antrim. BT28-2PT. North of Ireland.

Irish Political Status Committee: http://humanrightsonline.net/ipsc.html

IPSC Forum: http://b4.boards2go.com/boards/board.cgi?user=IPSC
E mail: politicalstatus@aol.com
Snail Mail: IPSC, BM BOX 1981, London, WCIN - 3XX

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