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Stabbing victim faces prison

11 February 2005

Stab victim Brendan Devine could face up to ten years in jail for his part in a raid on a Post Office security van last February.

The 34-year-old self-confessed robber from Mayfield Village in Glengormley, was to be sentenced yesterday with two others by Belfast Crown Court.

However, defence lawyer Martin Morgan revealed that Devine is still recovering from the "vicious stabbing" in which his 33-year-old friend and father-of-two Robert McCartney was murdered.

The lawyer told Judge Derick Rodgers that Devine was not present because "on January 30, 2005, he was the victim of a vicious stabbing outside Magennis's bar in which another individual died".

However, Mr Morgan also revealed that while Devine is "making good progress certain complications have developed".

Devine was due to be sentenced with 33-year-old John O'Connor from Ardoyne Avenue and 24-year-old William Evans from Albert Street, also Belfast.

The trio have pleaded guilty to the robbery of a cash box from a Post Office security van outside Finaghy Post Office in south Belfast on February 24 last year.

Judge Rodgers, in adjourning the case until mid-March, said that it would be best if all three were dealt with at the same time.

Mr Morgan said he would keep the court advised of Devine's progress.

In an interview earlier this week, Devine claimed that he and his friend "were just left to die" by their attackers.

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