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Troubles Museum Approved
Bogside site marks 30 years of violence

By Paddy McGuffin
28 February 2005

Planning chiefs in Derry have given the green light to a museum documenting the impact of the Troubles on the city.

The Museum of Free Derry project was launched as part of this year's Bloody Sunday Commemorations in January.

It will exhibit artefacts from the past 30 years and attempt to document the chronology of the Troubles from Bloody Sunday and Operation Motorman through 30 turbulent years.

The Museum of Free Derry is to be sited in Glenfada Park in the heart of the Bogside and the scene of many of the deaths on Bloody Sunday.

The proposal to grant planning permission will be put before a committee meeting of Derry City Council tomorrow.

SDLP councillor Pat Ramsey said he welcomed the project, which he said would not only be valuable in terms of documenting and commemorating the many victims of violence in the city but would be a major boost to tourism.

"I would welcome this project in a historical context but also in terms of tourism for the Bogside," he said.

"I think the Free Derry Museum will complement the existing murals and Free Derry Corner and be a further boost for tourism in the area.

"I also think that its location in Glenfada Park in the heart of the Bogside is very important.

"So many people lost their lives their on Bloody Sunday. In addition to this, the area has seen a lot of vandalism and I believe the residents will welcome the arrival of the museum and the cleaning up of the area."

Although intrinsically linked to the events of Bloody Sunday the museum will document all the victims of the Troubles from both communities.

This, says Mr Ramsey, is of great importance.

"The museum will not just deal with the history of the Bogside but the whole of the city and all the victims of violence."

"I think it will be supported by all the parties," he said.

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