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Northern Bank heist notes found at PSNI Sports club

Notes linked to the Northern Bank robbery finally turned up last night — at a ‘country club’ in Belfast which has been used by PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde.
The discovery of the notes at the Newforge Country Club which is home to the PSNI RUC Athletic Club is being dismissed by the PSNI as a ‘sting’ by the group behind the robbery.
PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde and other senior officers often use restaurant facilities at the club to brief journalists.
The PSNI last night said the find was being taken seriously but insisted the Country Club was not part of the PSNI estates.
However, the club’s website boasts the badges of the PSNI and RUC and its gift shop “offers the ideal RUC or PSNI gift”.
Formerly used only by RUC officers, the country club in recent years has opened its facilities to the general public.
However, many of its patrons are current or retired officers of the RUC and PSNI.

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