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Tribute to rock legend

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“Going to my home town” was one of Rory Gallagher’s most celebrated hits and the people of his home town – Ballyshannon, Co Donegal – are set to honour him a decade after his death by naming the local theatre after him.
The legendary blues guitarist was born in Ballyshannon in 1948 and lived there until he was six-years-old, before moving to Cork city where he was raised.
Rory's father, the late Daniel Gallagher, worked in Ballyshannon on the construction of the ESBs Cathleen Fall's power station before the move to Cork.
Gallagher is viewed by many as the man who spearheaded the Irish rock movement. The proposal for the name-change of the theatre, in the Abbey Arts Centre, was initially mooted by the Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival Committee a number of months ago.
It has now been given the green light by the local town council after Fine Gael councillor Brendan Travers tabled a motion concerning the name-change at a town council meeting.
“Ballyshannon Town Council own the local theatre but it has a committee known as the Abbey Centre Trust who are currently being consulted ahead of the next town council meeting," said Barry O'Neill, founder of the Rory Gallagher festival.
The Rory Gallagher International Tribute festival was established as a “birthday tribute", coinciding with Rory's birthday on March 2, 2002, but as there was huge interest in that event it was decided to establish an annual weekend event.
Now in its fourth year, the festival is becoming an increasingly popular event on the Irish music calendar with visitors attending from Holland, Germany, England, the USA, Norway and many other countries. Last year over 4,000 fans attended the four-day event and it is expected to grow this year.
“All visitors come bearing anecdotes about Rory and memories of his many tours across the world," said Mr O'Neill.
“The festival is an unbelievable experience and is one big celebration of Rory's life, with open-air concerts, films, guitar workshops and pub and theatre gigs. Each year we strive to link all the participants to Rory.
“For instance, this year Ronnie Drew is performing. Ronnie and Rory were great friends and Ronnie carried Rory's Coffin at his funeral in Bishopstown, Cork City in June 1995."
Rory Gallagher was based in London for most of his 30-year career and he toured extensively, selling 30 million records to a massive worldwide following.
He died in London at the early age of 47 in June 1995, from complications following a liver transplant. Although he had suffered health problems for some time, he toured until falling seriously-ill in late 1994.
He was renowned as a master on the guitar, playing rock and roll, blues and jazz music.
This is not the first time he will be commemorated by the people of his hometown.
“After forming our committee to honour Rory, we erected a monument at Rory Gallagher Place in Ballyshannon in his honour," said Mr O'Neill.
“The people of Ballyshannon are highly proud of Rory Gallagher and what he achieved.
“Rory has left a great legacy to younger musicians who today can identify with the legend of rock and blues."

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