IRA statement expelling 3 members over McCartney murder

Saturday, February 26

The IRA leadership along with the leadership of the Belfast command
initiated disciplinary proceedings through Court Martial. This was in
accordance with IRA standing orders.

These proceedings were directed only against IRA volunteers.

The outcome of the Courts Martial includes the dismissal of three
volunteers, two of whom were high-ranking volunteers.

One of these volunteers had already gone to a solicitor immediately
after the incident to make a statement of his actions on that night.

The other two were advised in the strongest terms possible to come
forward and to take responsibility for their actions as the McCartney
family have asked.

Any intimidation or threats in the name of the IRA or otherwise to
any person who wishes to help the McCartney family will not be

The internal disciplinary steps taken by the IRA are a matter for the
IRA. They are not intended to be, nor should they be seen as, a
substitute for the requests of the McCartney family.

IRA volunteers fully understand that they are bound by rules and
regulations and a code of conduct.

There will be no tolerance of anyone who steps outside of these
rules, regulations or code.

Anyone who brings the IRA into disrepute will be held accountable.


P. O Neill

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