Real IRA Tells 'journal' 'We Didn't Fire Bomb Safeway'

Tuesday 1st February 2005
Derry Journal

The real IRA have denied responsibility for the
weekend firebomb attack at the Safeway store in
Strabane - but have admitted carrying out a series of
attacks across the North in Derry, Lisburn,
Newtownabbey and Ballymena.

The dissident republican group, which contacted the
'Journal' yesterday using a recognised codeword, also
claimed responsibility for the recent incendiary
attack which destroyed the Linton and Robinson
hardware and agricultural store in Strabane causing in
excess of £1 million worth of damage and putting 20
people out of work in the economic blackspot.

The group justified the attack, claiming: "Linton and
Robinson were targeted because they have been
supplying the British forces in the North.

"We once again reiterate our warning that anyone
offering aid and support to the British forces does so
at their own risk."

The Real IRA statement went on: "We also claim
responsibilty for attacks in various parts of the
North over the Christmas period except for one attack
in Newry which we had nothing to do with. "These
targets were selected as part of our strategy to
target the Northern economy and to undermine the bogus
claims that there is some sort of normality here."

On Sunday police in Strabane said a viable device had
been found in the Safeway store. British Army bomb
experts defused the device which was found in the
premises on the Branch Road shortly before 3 a.m.

The incident provoked outrage from local politicians
who have accused those responsible for putting jobs
and future investment in jeopardy.

Before Christmas the Carpet Right store in Derry's
Crescent Link was completely destroyed after a
firebomb attack.

During the Christmas period-at least 16 devices were
discovered in various parts of the North causing
serious damage at several premises.

The fire bomb attacks prompted the PSNI to issue a
renewed warning to businesses across the North last
week to check their premises.

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