Orde ‘happy if evidence is passed to third parties’

02/03/2005 - 13:06:53

PSNI chief constable Hugh Orde has said he has no problem with people providing evidence about the murder of Robert McCartney to third parties.

Speaking at a meeting of the North's Policing Board today, Mr Orde said he would be happy if people passed information to solicitors or clergymen if they did not want to approach the police.

Mr McCartney was beaten and stabbed to death outside a pub in Belfast on January 30, allegedly by senior IRA members who cleaned up the forensic evidence afterwards.

His death has led to a backlash against Sinn Féin, which has urged people with information to come forward.

The party has been criticised by its opponents for saying that people who do not trust the police should pass on information through a third party.

However, Mr Orde said today that he would have no difficulty with people speaking to others before statements were taken to be used in the courts.

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