Adams: Govt has failed on peace process obligations

05/03/2005 - 17:20:49

In a hard-hitting speech to the Sinn Féin Árd Fhéis this evening, the party's president Gerry Adams says the Government has let the people of the country down by failing on its obligations to the peace process.

He says republicans are working towards conditions where the IRA ceases to exist and he says he believes they will succeed.

He said Republicans should test again whether the Reverend Ian Paisley really is willing to share power with them in the North.

Mr Adams said that Robert McCartney’s murder was dreadful, not only because it robbed his family but because republicans were involved

He said those responsible must admit it and people must come forward.

Mr Adams also said there is no place in Republicanism for anyone involved in criminality.

He said the IRA army council is not the legitimate government of Ireland which will only exist when all the people of Ireland elect it.

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