McCartney sisters defend attending SF conference
05/03/2005 - 19:05:40

Murder victim Robert McCartney’s sisters tonight denied their attendance at Sinn Féin’s annual conference sent out “mixed signals”

Paula, Donna, Catharine, Gemma and Claire accepted an invitation to the event by party leader Gerry Adams and sat in the front row when he delivered his keynote address.

The family has accused the IRA of shielding members who murdered Mr McCartney in a Belfast bar on January 30 and of intimidating witnesses.

After leaving the conference today Catherine said: “This is a social justice issue. Mixed signals ? No.”

She said that the family would only stop their campaign for truth and justice when those responsible for her broter’s death were before the courts.

Earlier, the sisters received a sustained round of applause as they were led into Dublin’s RDS Arena.

They sat flanked by the party’s justice spokesman, Gerry Kelly, and Northern Ireland assembly member, Catriona Ruane, as they heard Mr Adams call on the culprits to admit to what they had done in a court of law.

He said: “I am not letting this issue go until those who had sullied the Republican cause are made to account for their actions.”

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