McCartney sisters invited to SF conference

05/03/2005 - 13:48:33

The sisters of murdered Belfast father-of-two Robert McCartney were today due to attend Sinn Féin’s annual conference in Dublin to hear what President Gerry Adams has to say about the killing.

Catherine McCartney confirmed the family had agreed to an invitation from Sinn Féin to attend the conference.

She said: “If anyone wants to talk to us at the conference and listen to our story, they’re welcome.

“We will go wherever and meet whoever we have to.”

Mr McCartney was stabbed and beaten when a row in a Belfast city bar on January 30 escalated.

The IRA has expelled three members following an internal investigation into claims by the family that Provisionals killed the East Belfast man, covered evidence up and intimidated witnesses from going to the police.

On Thursday Mr Adams suspended seven members of the party amid claims that they were involved.

The suspensions could become expulsions if the members are found guilty in any legal process arising from the case.

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