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Family want son's killer to be expelled

THE family of a man stabbed to death in Derry in October 2003 last night demanded that the republican movement expel the man convicted of the killing from its ranks.

The Crown Court in Derry convicted Bart Fisher (43) on December 22 last year of the manslaughter of James Joseph McGinley (23).

Last Friday, he was jailed for three years for stabbing Mr McGinley in the heart with a dagger at Sackville Court in Derry on October 11, 2003.

But in January this year, Mr Fisher was filmed acting as a steward at the Sinn Fein-organised annual Bloody Sunday commemoration march in Derry. He is clearly seen wearing an earpiece and walking directly behind party president Gerry Adams.

Yesterday, Eileen McGinley called for his immediate expulsion, saying: "He (Fisher) was acquitted of my son's murder but found guilty of his manslaughter. That by any standards is a crime."

Last night, Sinn Fein officer worker Colm Barton, a co-ordinator for the January 30 march, apologised to the McGinley family, admitting Fisher's inclusion in proceedings had been "inappropriate".

George Jackson

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